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How the 21 Day Fix Containers Work

How the 21 Day Fix Containers Work

How the 21 Day Fix Containers Work

How The 21 Day Fix Containers Work

The Containers

In the 21 Day Fix, there are six different colored containers that are used for six different types of foods:

The green container is for vegetables and equals 1 cup. These can be cooked or raw, sliced or chopped. Some examples include lettuces, kale, squash, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Go ahead and really squish your vegetables in the container!

The purple container is for fruits and equals 1 cup. Berries can easily fit into this container as can grapes and cherries, but you’ll want to cut larger fruits like watermelon, or fruits with pits, like peaches.

The red container is for protein and is 3/4 cup. Fill it with chicken breast, yogurt, eggs, tofu, or shellfish. For some of the other protein, consult the food list in your guide.

The yellow container is for more caloric carbs, as well as starches and is 1/2 cup. This is where you’ll fit in foods like rice, beans, sweet potatoes, and whole-grain pasta into your diet. For foods that don’t easily fit into your container such as waffles and tortillas, the portion amounts are in your 21 Day Fix guide.

The blue container is for healthy fats and is 1/3 cup. Mashed avocado, nuts, cheese, and hummus are just a few of the things you can put in this container.

The orange container is for seeds and dressings and equals 2 TB. It is the smallest and is used for calorie-dense foods like seeds, olives, coconut, and 21 Day Fix-approved dressings.

There are also teaspoon servings included in the 21 Day Fix program, and this is for oils and butters, such as olive oil and peanut butter. A teaspoon is not provided with the containers, so you’ll need to use your own. (And who doesn’t have a teaspoon in their kitchen?)

Also, did you notice that the size of the containers is about the size of a normal serving of each of the foods that they are used for?

How To Use The 21 Day Fix Containers

Even though you don’t have to count your calories on the 21 Day Fix, you should use page 4 of your guide to figure out approximately how many calories you need in a day. Once you do, the chart on page 19 that will tell you how many containers of each color you should eat each day. If you’re paying attention to macronutrient percentages, you’ll notice that the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is roughly 40% carbohydrates, 30%protein, and 30% fat.

The nutrition guide  has recommendations for how much food can fit into a container, you can mix and match foods of the same category to fill a single container. For example, if you don’t want to use a whole green container for spinach, then you can fill one half full of spinach and the other half full of carrots, peas and red onions for a salad, and it will still equal one green container.

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