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5 Tips for Your New Fitness Routine

5 Tips for Your New Fitness Routine

5 Tips for Your New Fitness Routine

New Fitness Routine

Starting a new fitness routine can be tough, but making a change for the better is a good thing. It’s important to remember to take it one day at a time, and don’t quit if you mess up just learn and keep moving forward.

1. Throw away the bathing suit from high school, or whatever old clothes you have been hanging on to all these years. Don’t focus on what you used to look like, start focusing on making new memories.

2. Prepare in advance. I know you’re already pressed for time, everyone is busy, so make an actual appointment with yourself to workout. Put in on your calendar or in your phone with reminders.

3. Start slowly. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t finish your first workout routine. It happens to everyone. Just try to go a little farther and a little longer he next day. You will get there, and soon you will be doing more than you thought you could.

4. Where is your tribe? Who will be your support group when the going gets tough? Find family and friends that support you and have similar goals. You don’t have to go it alone.

5. Wallow in your awesomeness! You’re working on becoming a better exerciser, mother, friend, etc. You’re exercising to make a better, healthier you, and that is a great accomplishment!

If you would like help getting started, contact me!

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