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Are You Up for a Healthy Challenge?

Are You Up for a Healthy Challenge?

Are You Up for a Whole 30 Healthy Challenge?

Whole 30

I’m starting October off right with October Unprocessed and doing a Whole30. It’s a free program that has helped tens of thousands of people jumpstart their health and get started (or make better progress) on their healthy living journey.

For those of you,who may be suffering from chronic health issues – or suspect that food allergies or sensitives may be impacting your health – taking the Whole30 challenge can help to unravel the mystery of which foods may be causing health issues and help to set you on a path to better health and more energy!

I’ve decided to take the Whole30 challenge to get back on track with my health, as summer took a major toll on my goals — I fell off the wagon with nutrition and exercise and it’s time to get back on track before the holidays! Want to get a jump start on your Whole30? Check out the 3-Day Refresh!

Since success comes from taking a challenge together, I would love for you to join me and get back on track with our healthy living goals. So if you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to visit the Whole30 website for details – again, it’s free! Then, join my Facebook Group for support! (Please note, this is not a paid endorsement, and I am not an affiliate of the program. I’m simply sharing this because it’s a helpful free resource.)

And … even if you’re not interested in taking the October Unprocessed/Whole30 Challenge – no worries! – you will still benefit from a wealth of delicious recipes that I’ll be sharing. Of course, this comes as no surprise, since I’m always excited to share recipes with you all.

Even more exciting, I’m working on a free 30-day dinner meal plan to help all of us eat healthier, whether you opt to take the October Unprocessed/Whole30 Challenge or not. I’ll be sharing this delicious and nutritious meal plan in October. And, as a subscriber to my e-mail list you’ll be the first to receive it (so be sure to get signed up with the link below!), because you are all AWESOME!

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