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Clean Eating 101

Clean Eating 101

Clean Eating 101


Do you suck at eating right?

I know I’m not perfect, everyone struggles at one time or another. Maybe your doctor told you to lose weight. Maybe your sick and tired of being sick and tired. Maybe you just had a baby and you have decided that you need to be around to see him or her grow up. Maybe you woke up, looked in the mirror and were completely disgusted by how far off track you’ve been.

Whatever the reason that you want to make a change, you’re not alone!

Every day thousands of people decide that they want to start eating better and losing weight, and every day those thousands of people have no clue how to do it.

And I don’t blame them, there’s so many ideas/diets/mantras to choose from:

  • Should I go Paleo?
  • Should I count calories?
  • Do I really have to give up bread?
  • What about juicing?
  • Oh look….CAKE!

Don’t worry! That’s why I’m here! As a certified sports nutrition coach, I can help you with a plan and recommendations that will work for you and that you can stick to!

So What is Clean Eating, Any Way?

I’m pretty sure it can be summed up in one sentence.

You’re smart. You know what real food is, so stop eating crap.

Yep. I said it, so stop rolling your eyes. I know what you’re thinking, it can’t be that simple, right? Well, it is that simple.

Real food is: things that grow in the ground, on a tree, came out of the sea, ran on the land or flew in the air. Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Yep. That’s it.

Real food is not: things that you get at McDonald’s, from a vending machine, box, bag or wrapper. If the ingredient list contains more than one or two things. It’s not really food. It if started out as real food and was put through ten different steps to make another food, it’s not real food. So don’t eat it. I mean it.

You can’t out exercise your fork. When you want to lose weight, get healthy and get into shape, 80% (this isn’t an exaggeration) of your success or failure will come from how well you eat.

Check out my Easy Food Guide to get started. PLUS, stay tuned to the blog as I will be talking about healthy eating all month!



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