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Clean Eating Foods You Can Freeze

Clean Eating Foods You Can Freeze

Clean Eating Foods You Can Freeze

Clean Eating Foods You Can Freeze

Just because you want to eat clean doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your food has to be fresh. I’m a mom, I understand that is just not convenient for everything to be fresh all the time. That’s why is important to take the time to learn about what foods you can freeze and keep for convenient meals.

Freezing is a great way to make meals more convenient and the food is just as good as if it were fresh. The quality of frozen foods varies depending on how you prepare them, what packaging materials you use and the amount of time that you store the food. Some foods do not freeze well, though and should be avoided when preparing your meals for the freezer.

Wrapping Foods to Freeze

If you’re going to be using your food up in a short period of time, a plastic freezer bag or s plastic container will work just fine. Try to avoid using regular sandwich bags, as the trend to allow foods to get freezer burnt more quickly. The key is to get as much air o out of your containers as possible.

To freezer foods liner or for meat, you will want to add an extra layer of protection with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. I like to wrap my ground meats in plastic wrap before putting them in a freezer bag. You also want to flatten your ground meat as much as possible as it will help it thaw more quickly.

Never use glad containers in the freezer add they can easily break. You also want to be due and label each container with the contents and the date. Put your newest containers on the bottom and use them last.


Fruit is actually pretty easy to freeze. If you’re using it for smoothies, just portion it out and toss it in a bag. When it thaws it will be mushy and perfect to blend. You can also freeze berries and fruit pieces individually to keep them from lumping together. Place the fruit in a piece of parchment paper laid on a cookie sheet and freeze until the fruit is hard, then you can put it in bags. Bananas you can freeze whole in the skin. The skin will turn black, but the banana will be perfect to use in smoothies and breads.


You can freeze most vegetables, they will thaw soft like the fruit and will be ready for cooking, which makes stock up from the farmer’s market and your garden perfect!

Some of your vegetables will require blanching, which means you give them a short bath in boiling water before packaging to freeze. Others, you can chop and freeze and they elk be ready to cook, such as tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms and squashes.

You should avoid freezing vegetables with high water content, such as lettuces, cucumbers and cabbages.


You can freeze your cheese in its regular packaging, which is great for stocking up when it’s on sale, I got a great deal last week when the packaged shredded cheese was in sale for 98-cents a package!

Plain Yogurt

You can freeze your yogurt in the packages that it comes in, especially if you have trouble using it by the sell by date. You will want it to thaw completely and stir it really well before eating it because it can separate.


Milk is another great food to freeze! I’ve been doing it for awhile now. You can freeze it in the container, but you will want to use a cup or so before you do to keep it from expanding and busting the jug. As with the yogurt, it can separate, so let it thaw completely, then shake before using.


Yes, really! Eggs are freezable! Don’t freeze them in the shell though. Crack them into an ice cube tray and pop them in the freezer. When they are frozen pip them or and put them in a freezer bag. When you are ready to use them, just take out what you need and defrost.

Pasta, Rice, Beans and Quinoa

Cooked whole grain pasta, brown rice, beans and quinoa can be frozen too! Just cook and put in a freezer bag. When I’m cooking these I like to make the whole package, then freeze the rest for a quick meals later.

Whole Grain Bread

Wrap your loaf of bread in plastic wrap, then put it back in its packaging to freeze.

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