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Family Fitness Tips

Family Fitness Tips

Family Fitness Tips

Family fitness tips

Exercise isn’t just something for adults, kids need exercise too. They need to get out and play instead of sitting in front of the computer, iPad or phone. Teaching them healthy habits and encouraging them to be active early will encourage them to be active adults as well.

This doesn’t mean that you have to force them to do it. Teach them that exercise can be fun by doing active things with them. After all, they learn by your example.

  1. Make Time To Play. Plan for 30 minutes of play three times a week. Try to make it a normal part of your afternoon/evening routine. Try games such as hop scotch, hide and seek, soccer, kickball, catch, etc. Try to plan some kind of active fun each weekend also — even if you just go to the park to play.
  2. Walk or bike whenever possible. Walk to the grocery store, the library, walk you kids to school. There’s a wide variety of places you can go by foot or on bike. You can track steps with a pedometer or a Fitbit or any other variety of fitness trackers.
  3. Encourage them to join sports or recreational sports. Organized sports are a great opportunity for kids to get active. Plus, you can get involved and help them practice at home. There should be a variety of activities available in your area. My sons play baseball and soccer.
  4. Have a dance party or encourage them to dance while they are doing their chores. Do your household chores as a family at the same time. Turn up the music and encourage the kids to move and dance while doing their chores. Make cleaning fun!
  5. Do yard work together. Rake leaves into a pile then jump in them. Scoop snow and then have a snowball fight. You can make these activities fun.

Almost any activity can be an active activity with some creativity. Remember, you are the example for your kids. Seeing you be active encourages them to be active too.

Need some fun activity ideas, check out Be A Rock Star: Spend Time With Your Kids.

What are your favorite family activities? I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

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