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Finding Your Weight Loss Tribe

Finding Your Weight Loss Tribe

Finding Your Weight Loss Tribe

Tribe of Friends

Because Everything is Easier with Friends

If we have someone who’s checking up on us to see how things are going, we’ll get our butt in gear. Even if we don’t feel motivated in the moment. This is what finding a weight loss tribe is all about.

Being in a tribe makes it easier to actually do the exercise — and eat the food — that we need to look and feel great. And we do it over and over, even when the going gets tough because we have others who are struggling along with us, who know that support is essential to success.

That’s why you can know exactly what to do, but still fail on your own. And you can even do it — exercise, eat good food, get 8 hours of sleep — for short bursts, but you can still end up struggling because there is no one there to keep the momentum going when your excuses start kicking in.

Simply put: if you can’t be consistent, you can’t make progress.

And that’s why accountability – not the perfect exercise or eating program – is the thing that turns everything around. (Heck, maybe it can turn things around for you.)

If you don’t have support at home, it’s important to reach out to others who are also on a weight loss journey. Some ideas on how to find your tribe are:

  • Reach out on social networks to your friends that are also working on their health and fitness goals. Form a group to keep each other accountable
  • Join a weight loss community, such as Team Beachbody, or
  • Join a local weight loss group, such as Taking off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) or Weight Watchers
  • Find others at your gym who share similar goals and interests

So, the big question? How do you get accountability? How do you find your Tribe Tell Me Here or on Facebook!

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