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Friday Favorites for January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites for January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites for January 23, 2015


Favorite New Find



Hello Fresh is pretty amazing. You pick your recipes, and they literally send you everything you need to make them. Not to mention, they even pre-measure your ingredients. Fresh ingredients that can go straight to your stove! They deliver farm-fresh ingredients nationwide! I can’t wait to try it out! Have you?

Favorite Space/DIY


I found this awesome home gym setup at Lowes. I love the bright, tropical colors, plus the storage area is pretty awesome also! I would love to make this my workout space. What do you think?

Favorite Eats


Look at this beautiful Grilled Shrimp with Roasted Garlic Cilantro Sauce from The Mediterranean Dish! So pretty and oh so tasty!!

Favorite Fitness


There’s only a few days left to get your Insanity MAX:30 Kick Start Challenge Pack on sale! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to Max Out your goals for 2015!

Favorite Jam

Favorite Funny

I seriously couldn’t stop laughing!

Favorite Article


The Best (probably) Core Strengthening Exercises To A Healthier Spine (progressions included)

Stop doing crunches and sit-ups. You may be causing more harm than good.

The general population typically views the core as the “six-pack abs” that they all need. Truth be told, those muscles that are on display aren’t the most important.

Favorite Must Have


A couple of my friends shared this lovely little kitchen must have on Facebook and I instantly thought, “I MUST HAVE THIS!” Not only is it adorable, but I love how it stands by itself! How can you not want a Nessie Ladle?

Favorite Bling

il_570xN.398266963_it6mThe signature of a loved on a necklace? Yes please! I would love to have one of these with my grandfather’s signature.

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