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7 Tips for Clean Eating on a Budget

7 Tips for Clean Eating on a Budget

7 Tips for Clean Eating on a Budget

7 Tips for Clean Eating on A Budget

I have heard it over and over that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. I’ve even used that excuse myself, but the truth is, it’s not if you can use a little creativity and some comparison shopping. This is a great way to save money on your meal program for the 21 Day Fix!

Invest in yourself today; your health depends on it.

Even on a limited budget, we can make small food upgrades that have a massive impact on our health. The truth is, your body will be so grateful that it will reward you tenfold. You can move mountains when you give your body the slightest improvement. Now let’s get started!

Here are my top tips for clean eating on a budget:

  1. Determine your food budget. This is the most important step. Decide ahead of time what you can afford and plan your weekly meals accordingly. Don’t be afraid to take a calculator with you to the store either. How are you going to stay on budget if you don’t know what you’ve put in your cart?
  2. Have a Plan! A meal plan that is! By planning ahead, you can keep from spending money on items that you don’t really need. DO NOT go shopping without a list! To make it easy, try and organize it by section of the store, this will also keep you from sneaking into the holiday candy aisle. Don’t deny it! I saw you looking! 😉
  3. Eat less meat. Try making one or two meals a week vegetarian. Your wallet will thank you when you’re not spending $6/lb of ground beef.
  4. Always look for sales or extra value items. Try to shop in season, these fruits and veggies will be cheaper than those that are not in season. Check out the store ads to see what they have specials on and which items you can afford. Don’t be afraid to stock up on frozen vegetables if they are on sale for 99-cents, while they aren’t ideal clean eating, they can easily fit into your budget. Don’t fret if you can’t afford to go 100% organic either.
    Check out the Environmental Working Group’s lists to determine your priorities for organic purchases. They even created an iPhone app.
  5. Buy in bulk when you can. Buying your dry goods like quinoa, nuts, nut flours, spices, etc., can save you money in the long run. Don’t forget to stock up when they have specials on these items too!
  6. Don’t be afraid of store brands. Most of the time the store brand is the exact same thing as the name brand but in a different package. It even comes from the same manufacturer as the name brand.
  7. Schedule your meal prep day ahead of time. Don’t skip taking the to to get everything ready for the week. If you skip this, you’re going to be more likely to eat out or make other excuses for falling off the wagon. Make it a non-negotiable meeting with yourself. Don’t forget to add it to your calendar with reminders!

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