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Portion Fix Nutrition Program

Portion Fix Nutrition Program

The Portion Fix Nutrition Program makes mastering portion control so simple, anyone can do it.

Portion Fix Nutrition Program

What is the Portion Fix Nutrition Program?

The Portion Fix Nutrition Program simplifies portion control to help customers see incredible results without counting calories or feeling deprived. The system includes seven specially designed food containers. Each one corresponds to an essential food group and is precisely measured to deliver just the right amount of nutrition, ensuring the body gets exactly what it needs in the right amounts. Plus, it includes an easy-to-follow eating plan with delicious foods and recipes that put weight loss goals on the fast track! It’s designed to be compatible with any Beachbody fitness program, for both men and women.

Portion control is knowing what a healthy serving of food looks like. Unfortunately, most Americans struggle with understanding portion control, and simply eat too much. They follow diets that rely on food scales or constant calorie-tracking to lose weight. And even the healthiest eaters struggle with portion control by overeating healthy foods. Knowing just how much to eat is often confusing and frustrating—but it doesn’t have to be!

With Portion Fix, you can master portion control, reach your fitness goals, and ultimately live a healthier life. It’s simple. You’ll never have to “diet,” count your calories, or “eyeball” your portions. Just follow the eating plan and eat according to the portion-controlled, color-coded containers. If your food fits in the container, you can eat it—and you’ll finally lose the weight!


What are the unique benefits?

  • It’s a simple system designed to help you get just the right portions by giving you the tools
    you need to get it right—and see results fast!
  • You can lose weight, gain mass, or maintain your weight—with one nutrition program.
  • Portion-control containers and Shakeology® shaker cup take all the guesswork out of eating
    the right portions.
  • The containers easily fit into your lifestyle—you can take them to work, school, vacation,
    or anywhere on-the-go.
  • Shows you how to incorporate treats and wine—the right way—so you don’t deprive yourself
    and STILL get the best results possible.

What does it include?

A nutrition guide and seven color-coded containers with a Shakeology® cup. It helps you manage portion control—without counting calories. The best part? Pair Portion Fix with ANY Beachbody® program to optimize results.

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