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Insanity Certification

Have what it takes to get OTHERS to Dig Deep? Get INSANITY Certified!

INSANITY Certification is an advanced training program that prepares INSANITY or other extreme-fitness fanatics to lead or teach INSANITY classes in gyms and fitness centers.

Taking and passing INSANITY Certification makes group instructors and INSANITY fanatics “experts” on the moves, the music, and the science that helps INSANITY deliver INSANE results and qualifies them to receive the accreditation—and the backing of the INSANITY brand.

Though leading an INSANITY class requires an advanced level of fitness, the INSANITY Certification program is designed to make INSANITY instruction as easy as possible. All the moves are cued, with modification options to address students of all fitness levels. So the creative part—providing personality, inspiration, and motivation, is where the best instructors truly stand out, earning “Rock Star” status.

What’s included in the INSANITY Certification program?

  • An intensive 1-day live workshop, led by INSANITY Master Trainers that share the tools, practical knowledge, and advanced techniques needed to lead a top-notch INSANITY class.
  • A DVD copy of the pre-choreographed workout that’s easy to learn and teach, the corresponding music CD, and a handy cueing sheet.
  • The INSANITY Course Manual that provides an in-depth understanding of the INSANITY program—including the structure, the workouts, the science behind INSANITY, proper mechanics and modification, nutrition, supplementation, and more.
  • Access to the INSANITY Qualification Online Learning program.

What is INSANITY Qualification?
INSANITY Qualification is an online learning program designed to provide a deeper understanding of exercise physiology, nutrition, and the science behind this world- famous brand, to take INSANITY training to the max.

Qualification can also be purchased alone without Certification. This might be the ideal option for INSANITY enthusiasts or those who aren’t ready to lead the class but want INSANE results from their own INSANITY workouts.

What is the INSANITY Pro Team?
The INSANITY Pro Team is an ongoing instructor enrichment program that will launch Summer 2013. INSANITY Certified Instructors who join the Pro Team will receive a portfolio of practical tools, including:

  • New INSANITY moves, modifications, progressions, and regressions that are available ONLY to Pro Team members
  • Options to adapt the new moves for 30-minute or 50-minute classes
  • Cueing sheets to make the routines easy to follow
  • New CDs jammed with hot new music to keep your classes rocking
  • Professionally designed INSANITY Certified business cards
  • Gym posters to promote the instructor’s classes
  • Emails that can be personalized, guest passes, and free passes to help recruit new members to the class
  • Discounts on previous Pro Team videos, recertification, and more

Certification is an awesome way to pursue a passion for fitness and represent the Beachbody® brand by helping people reach their fitness goals—so they can lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.