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15 Ways to Save Money for/on Shakeology

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The Ingredients in Shakeology

The biggest resistance I get regarding Shakeology  is “But it’s $119.95 per month! That’s EXPENSIVE! How can I afford that?!”  Think of it this way, making an investment, like taking Shakeology, to improve your health is a decision you don’t even have to hesitate with!  Remember the saying, “Your body is a temple,” well, you should treat it as such.  An investment into your body and health shouldn’t be an issue, if you are willing to find a way to make your life better.

Seeing Shakeology as a healthy REPLACEMENT and not an addition to your diet your is what people tend to forget. You don’t add Shakeology on top of all the stuff you eating and buying to keep up with the diet, you simply substitute Shakeology in place of those items!  Especially those items that you find pricey, or not your favorite foods to eat or the ones that take too long to prep (like if you don’t really like veggies — now come on there’s a lot of you that don’t).  That’s what I do.  I am always on the go and moving a mile a minute.  I don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the mornings so I simply substitute that meal with an instant Shakeology and I’m all set!

Here are 15 ways you can save money every month and put it toward something guaranteed to improve your health and change your life:

1.  Sign up as a coach and get the discount. It’s only $89.96 plus tax with free shipping on the Home Direct option for your Shakeology. This saves you $25.71 per month (this number already includes the monthly coach’s fee incorporated) and breaks it down to only $3.50 per day, cheaper than a Happy Meal at McDonald’s!  Plus, have the chance to have your Shakeology paid for through the coaching opportunity.

2.  Become a Beachbody Club Member as you will save 10% on Shakeology. By becoming a Beachbody Club Member, you not only receive a discount on Shakeology, but all Beachbody products.  Also, you will have full access to thousands of recipes, a customized meal planner, addition help and support from celebrity trainers and information that seems to go on forever!

3.  Use coupons when grocery shopping. I use the following places to get coupons:  Sunday newspapers, (one of my favorite blogs!), and google “Krazy Koupon Lady” in addition to the Hot Coupon World forums.  That doesn’t include the savings you get with favorite store’s loyalty card.  You can also shop Aldi or Save A Lot (if there is one in your area) and save a TON on produce, canned goods, eggs, milk, yogurt, bread, and frozen foods. We buy farm fresh eggs cheaper than the stores and have a garden for a lot of our vegetables. It’s all about figuring out what “junk” you really don’t need!

4. When making food, make it yourself from scratch instead of buying prepackaged, processed food.This will not only be cheaper, but healthier.  You can easily pre-prep your food for the week.  I like putting all of my ingredients together in a basket in the fridge, so they are all ready to go at dinner time. Having your meals prepared in advance will allow you to focus on portion control and will keep dedicated to the diet easier.

5.  Substitute your expensive meal of the day with Shakeology. I was guilty of doing this and I know so many people are, but are in denial.  Stop wasting your money grabbing a morning coffee at Starbucks (or Monster energy drinks) or leaving work to grab lunch at a fast food place or Subway!  Forget those $5.00-15.00 lunches  or dinners out with coworkers and friends at restaurants or even your workplace’s cafeteria.  Stopping this saves you $100-$200 a month!  Are you one of those who stop at a coffee shop in the morning or go out to lunch?

6.  Make fewer trips out. Instead of taking several trips to the store to buy a few items here or there, make a master errands list for the day and save money on gas.  Plus, if your location is nearby, choose to walk!  You’re looking to get in better shape, right?

7.  Prepare meals ahead of time and freeze instead of going out to eat fast food or restaurant food.Again, this saves your wallet and your health.  Google “Once a month cooking” to get a better idea of what this involves.  You can also do “once a week cooking” or “Once every 2 weeks cooking.”  Just cater to your family’s needs.

8.  Make your own cleaners from household goods. Use vinegar and other household supplies to create your own detergents and cleaners.  We all know how expensive these are!  Not only does this save money, but it’s better for the environment.  I have recently started doing this and not only are homemade cleaners better smelling (no chemicals here!) but they usually work better!

9.  Brown bag your lunch to work. If you want to drink your Shakeology for another meal, bring your lunch to work from home.  Again, this saves you money that you won’t be spending at the workplace cafeteria, fast food place or restaurant.  Plus, an entire loaf of wheat bread ($2), cans of tuna ($.50) and an assortment of fruit ($2-$4) is a VERY healthy lunch and its very affordable.  Plus, that investment is less than $10 for an entire week!

10.  Stop drinking soda, and drink more water. Soda is ridiculously expensive and has nothing but sugar and chemicals ($1.69 here for a 20 oz soda!! — if you drink 4 a day, that’s almost $7!).  Drink water!  Well, of course its free if you like tap water and extremely cheap for bottled.  Your body craves it and needs it anyway!

11.  Use the groceries that you have in your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator before going out to buy more food or going out to eat. We are all guilty of buying food, throwing in the pantry or freezer and forgetting its even there.  If you have chicken in the freezer then use it!  Whether its to spice up a salad, or make chicken sandwiches!

12.  Consign your old clothing or children’s items instead of just throwing them away or donating them.You can easily save $100-$200/season just on old toys and clothes the kids can’t wear anymore.  There is always “junk” laying around you can make a quick buck on.

13.  Have a yard sale the first weekend of the month. We have loads of old stuff lying around and continue gathering “junk”.  We do this twice per year and net between $200-600 each time!  Don’t be afraid to say bye-bye to old junk, especially when you can make some money doing so! Not to mention, it makes it waaaayyy easier to get organized!

14.  Stop using your credit card and go to an all cash envelope system. Google “Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover” for more info.

15.  Purchase foods (that you’ll use) in bulk. Items such as nuts, dried fruit, grains, snacks, cereal, spices, and baking ingredients are not expensive and they last for a long time!  Sam’s Club is worth the $35 a year membership!!


If you need additional hints or advice on how to afford Shakeology and save money, make me your Beachbody Coach by clicking here! There are tons of other ways to save money, even for those of you who are in denial… you know who I am talking about.  The people who are too broke but yet stop at Starbucks or McDonald’s on the way to work and blow $7-$10!  Again, investing into your health isn’t an option anymore!  Living a healthy lifestyle now days are close to impossible, with all the fast food, fried foods, processed foods, etc.  People are always on the go and want food fast.  Shakeology is FAST, fast and HEALTHY!  I can say this with confidence, “The cheaper the food, the worse it is for you.”  And that is not a lie!