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How to Succeed in Health and Fitness with Little Support at Home

How to Succeed in Health and Fitness with Little Support at Home

Having a support system is an important component on your journey to healthy and fit, but what if no one in your home supports you?

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How to Succeed in Health and Fitness with Little Support at Home

What if every time you try a new dish the kids refuse to even take a bite because it “has green stuff in it?” What if your spouse eats ice cream in front of you every night? Sound familiar? There is more than one way to find the support you need, even if it’s not at home.

First of all if you are sucking at succeeding now, it’s time to stop. Seriously. Quit denying that you make every excuse in the book to not make a change and just do it. Think about the last time you tried to lose weight and get healthy. How successful were you and why/what made you fall off the wagon? Congratulations, you already know what doesn’t work for you. Learn from your failure and keep moving forward. Don’t try to do the same thing that you did last time and failed at, think of something new!

The next step would be to have an honest conversation with your family. Sit them down and tell them about the importance of your goals and encourage them to join in on your health journey. If they don’t jump on board, don’t fret. Lead by example. When your family begins to see how much progress you are making they should come around. However, don’t let them sabotage your goals. Just because they want double portions at dinner, don’t give in to the temptation to do the same. Look elsewhere for support.

Turn to your friends to build a support system. Choose a friend that might have similar goals, motivation, etc. If you don’t have one that will be willing to be a workout partner to just to keep you accountable, keep on going. They should come around also. Once they see you making positive steps they will turn to you for advice and ask how they can join in.

So your friends and your family are no help at all. Now what do you do? You look for those who you can count on to build your TRIBE. I will go into more detail about how to find your tribe in the next post so stay tuned for that! But in the meantime, check out support groups in your area or find one online, such as Facebook. Join my support group even! Start keeping a journal to keep yourself accountable. Compare your good days with your bad days and seek out ways to do better.

Make a public announcement that you are starting this journey and you are looking for others to join you. You might just be surprised how many people answer the call with, “Me too!” But, don’t sign up and not follow through, the people who join you are counting on you as much as you are counting on them. Be the inspiration.

I know exactly how it feels to be the only one pursuing a goal and to have no one support you. I am always here for you as your coach. Feel free to message me any time either through email or on Facebook. I’m always willing to lend an ear and support you in any way I can.

What are your ideas for getting support outside the home?

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