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Why Creating Your Own Food List is Important

Why Creating Your Own Food List is Important

Why Creating Your Own Food List is Important


If you look at the food list for the 21 Day Fix, or any other nutrition program for that matter, there’s going to be stuff on there that you either don’t like or isn’t available in your area (come on I know some of you live in the boondocks like me!). You’ve decided on your program and now it’s time to start making up your meal plans. It’s important to make sure that you have the right container counts (for the 21 Day Fix) or the right calories and macros for other programs.

If you need a basic starting place, check out my Clean Eating Shopping List Printable or if you’re doing the 21 Day Fix, get the Updated Foods List. These make a great starting point to determine what your own list will be, then you can make your own spreadsheet or printable, whichever you prefer. To get started, ask yourself:

  • What foods do you actually like to eat? Do they fit into your clean eating plan? Check Fooducate to see if they do.
  • Portion sizes of foods you like.  Example:  1 Red Container on 21 Day Fix = 2 Eggs
  • What foods fit your budget? Which ones can you buy organic?

Right now most of you are probably saying to yourself, “There’s no way I can eat healthy, it’s too expensive.” That’s totally not true. Find areas that you can cut to save money. For example: how much are you spending on soda? or eating out for lunch instead of packing your own? how much was that fancy coffee you just drank? See, it’s possible. You can do this.

I’ve created my own food list for the 21 Day Fix (which includes the added calories for my pregnancy). This makes it easier when creating meals to have a chart that I can refer back to. I like to keep it taped to the refrigerator. This is what mine looks like:

My 21 Day Fix Food List