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My Top Excuse Busters

My Top Excuse Busters

My Top Excuse Busters

Top Excuse Busters

Excuse #1: I don’t have time to work out.



So you had every intention of working out every day, but one day you hit the snooze button a few too many times and before you knew it, it’s been a week. You need to make time. Go to bed earlier. Get stuff done earlier at night so you can. How much time were you on  your phone/computer? How long did you watch tv for last night when you should of been sleeping? Workout while you’re watching tv if you missed your morning workout. You can walk in place or on the treadmill or even lift weights. The bottom line is that you can make time, but you’ve been choosing not to.

Excuse #2: I don’t know what to do.

You don’t need to know what to do. There are plenty of workout videos and coaches like me who can help you find a fitness routine that works for you. Instead of doing all the randomness that you can find in Cosmo, find a program that is the complete package, like one of my Challenge PacksDon’t put fitness in the too-hard basket simply because you feel a bit overwhelmed when you start out. Do some research online and find a simple work out program that meets your needs. Ask fit family and friends for advice or tee-up an info session at your gym to get a schedule put in place. Start off slow and work your way up.

Excuse #3: I’m too out of shape.


I hear this a lot. I hear things like “I’m too fat”, “I have bad knees”, “I’m too old”, and the list of excuses goes on. Bull Honky!! You tell me how much you weigh and I’ll tell you someone who did completed a Beachbody Challenge who weighed more or had more health problems or was in a wheelchair. We often limit ourselves mentally when our body is still up for the challenge. Sure you may have to modify, but the fact is you can do SOMETHING but trying NOTHING ain’t gonna cut it! Just do it – and do what you can. As long as you are giving YOUR 100%, that’s all that matters.

Excuse #4: I don’t have the money.

You DO NOT need money to get fit. You can find plenty of free or low cost alternatives that you can tailor to fit your needs. Need support? Follow me on Facebook! Message me! Interact with as many other people that are on the same journey as you that you can. Everyone needs accountability! Body weight exercises don’t cost you anything, neither does walking or running.

Excuse #5: I like to eat.

Breakfast Table

They say that 90% of successful weight loss efforts originate in the kitchen. And well, you like your kitchen. A lot. It has Reese’s Pieces, Twinkies, cheese puffs, doughnuts and cupcakes. And they all taste so good. How can something that tastes so good be so bad? Well if you’re not giving up junk food then there’s no use working out. Right? Did you know that it takes just two weeks of a healthy, junk-free diet for your taste buds to forget the taste of junk food? Two weeks. You can survive two weeks without junk food. And don’t give up your fitness just because you’re struggling with your diet. Regularly working out will encourage you to ditch the bad diet – after all, do you really want to waste a grueling 45-minute spin class on a Snickers bar?

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