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How to Take Your Body Measurements

How to Take Your Body Measurements

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Each time you take your body measurements, it is crucial to use the same measuring tape and place it in the same position on each body part. Using a different measuring tape or positioning the measuring tape differently on each body part may show incorrect results.

Measure at your natural waist, which is approximately 2″ above your hip bone.

Start at hip level (right above pubic bone) on one side. Then capture the middle of the glutes before wrapping around to the opposite side. Be sure that the tape measure is also capturing the widest part of the hips.

Wrap the tape high under your armpits and around to the front of your chest. Before recording this measurement, make sure that your arms lowered to your sides. Relax and then record this chest measurement when your chest is at natural size.

Measure at the highest point of the thigh, under the pubic bone.

Measure at the thickest point of the calf, typically halfway between the knee and the ankle.

Extend the upper arm. Wrap the tape measure around the bicep halfway between the armpit and the fold of the elbow. Relax the arm down by your side in a natural state and record your measurement.