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Active Duty Military Beachbody Coach Opportunity

Did you know that Team Beachbody has a great opportunity for active duty military personnel and their spouses?

Military Family
Team Beachbody allows all active duty military and their spouses to become a Team Beachbody Coach for FREE! Yes, FREE! WOW!

As a Team Beachbody Coach, you get:

  • a 25% discount on all Team Beachbody workout programs and nutritional supplements
  • an opportunity to earn extra money by growing your own business

This is the perfect way for military personnel to get a discount on everything that Beachbody has to offer and to make some extra money growing your own business.

  • An Active Duty Military Beachbody Coach signs up for FREE!
    • The cost of your business starter kit ($39.95) and your monthly business fees ($15.95) are waived for the entire time you are on active duty
  • You get a 25% discount on everything that Beachbody has to offer
  • You make extra money with your own business!
    • Beachbody Coaches earn 25% commission off of every Beachbody product that they sell
  • You get me (Melissa Wright) as your FREE Team Beachbody coach!

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To join as an active duty military Beachbody coach on my team for free, simply download the Beachbody Military Coach Application and follow the directions on the form.  Once completed you can fax or email the form to Beachbody using the information provided on the application.  If you need help or would like me to mail a copy of the form to you, please contact me. On the last pages of the PDF you will see the Team Beachbody price list.  There you will able to see the new wholesale prices for Beachbody products that you can take advantage of as a coach.

Once you have completed the application, and coach relations approves it, we can start working on building your fitter, healthier, and stronger future.

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