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Friday Favorites for February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites for February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites for February 20, 2015


I love sharing my favorite finds of the week with you! These are my favorites this week. Please share your favorites with me in the comments. I love connecting with you about things we both love!

Favorite Space/DIY


This little nook is completely adorable! I would love to have a space like this to hide away and enjoy a good book in the depths of winter. It would be a great place to tuck in and get cozy!

I am also really digging this vintage door bookshelf. I like the color of it too. It would give a lot of charm to a more rustic or shabby chic decor.

Favorite Eats

Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips

These Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips are simply divine! Plus a great alternative to those chemical laden potato chips you get in the store. They’re quick and easy to make.

Favorite Fitness


Ok so it’s not totally something fitness, but I’m loving these motivational infuser water bottles from MotivationBottle. I love how it has time stamps on the back and an inspirational quote on the front, plus they have a fruit infuser basket. How cool, right?!

In case you all haven’t heard, the 21 Day Fix Extreme is here! Simple nutrition with pumped up results make it the perfect next step after the 21 Day Fix. Check it out if you’re looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require counting calories.

Favorite Jam

Favorite Funny

How can you go wrong with funny cats? I laughed until I cried.

Favorite Article


Yoga for plus sized girls is just sometimes awkward and not quite right. I know things get in the way and sometimes its hard to get into proper positions. This article gives you some great tips on doing yoga for plus sized women.

Favorite Must Have


A must for every healthy kitchen is a food processor. I have this Black & Decker Wide-Mouth 10-Cup Food Processor and I absolutely love it! The larger capacity bowl lets me shred up all of my zucchini for the winter in just a couple of batches.

Favorite Bling


I’m all about the motivational jewelry lately. I really like this one from Fashletics. They have a variety of different sayings and charms that will suit just about everyone. Check them out!

What are your favorites this week?


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